International Brotherhood of Magicians, Jacksonville, Florida, USA


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Dues Information




YEAR - DUE BY MARCH 31, 2020


Benefits of Paid Dues

1.    Being part of your local Magic Ring.

2.    Receiving heavy discounts to Ring Lectures and Events

3.    Dues go towards paying for lectures and all Ring events.

4.    Only paid up Ring Members are eligible to nominate, vote and

       serve on the Ring Board of Officers.

5.    Receiving advance notification of Ring Sponsored Events.

6.    Being first to be notified, and being able to reserve before Ring Members

       for limited events

7.    Many other Member exclusive events, like our Annual Picnic which is

       only $5 for all Ring Members, and our Holiday Swap Meet which is free to

       all Members.


Please note that Ring 130 dues are payable by March 31st of each year.  If you wish to pay your dues, please send a check in the amount of $20, made out to "IBM Ring 130", to the address below.  Any additional family members will pay $10 for their Dues.  Dues may also be paid in person by cash or check to any Ring Officer at Lectures and Ring Meetings.  We can also accept Paypal and credit cards. 

Please note that we offer a cash discount, which is the $20 mentioned above.  This cash discount applies to cash and checks. The cost without the cash discount will be $21.20 and $10.45 for family members.  You can send dues by Paypal to  Credit cards can be taken at meetings and lectures when the Square Up is available

Please note that in order to be eligible to nominate or vote in the election of Board Members, you must be a paid up Active Member in good standing for at least 30 days prior to the election.

If you wish to inquire as to whether your dues are paid up to date, please call the Ring Secretary - Dr. David Coll, at 904-254-2460, or email us at


Send checks made out to "I.B.M. Ring 130" to:


Cyndy Joubert, Treasurer

12622 Ash Harbor Drive

Jacksonville, FL 32224