I.B.M. Ring 130 is named for our founding president, Bob Hutchings.

Bob was born on May 15th, 1915. He was a great creator and performer of magic, who lived in the Jacksonville area with his wife Golden. He was known for inventing and developing magic like the Slap Card Trick.

Bob performed many magic shows in local area schools under the name of “Bob Burston”.

Bob Hutchings in the Magic Shack.

Bob was the first President of IBM Ring 130 for the 1952-53 year. He was handed the charter document on October 20th, 1952 at the Seminole Hotel. For many years, Bob held the I.B.M. Ring 130 meetings in the Hutchings Magic Shack, a magic store that he built on the side of his house on Griflet Road, in the Arlington area of Jacksonville.

Bob’s wife, Golden Hutchings.

Bob loved well-made magic props. He was often heard to say, “If you’ve never seen the best, you don’t know the difference.”

Photo of Ring 130 at Ring Charter in 1952 – Bob Hutchings is back row, 3rd from left.
Photo courtesy of Albert S. Galton.

Ring 130 became inactive for a period of time, but Bob was right there helping to reactivate it in the late 1960s. Bob continued to be an active ring member until he passed away in 1989.

I.B.M. Ring 130 has met in various locations over the years. We’ve met at Bob Hutching’s home (Magic Shack); Campeche Bay in Regency; Carl Ferbreche’s home; Freckles’ store; Amazing Mr. G’s in Orange Park; the American Cafe in Mandarin; Steak & Ale in Baymeadows; the Golden Corral; the Wingate Hotel; Country Inn & Suites on Salisbury Road; Wyndham Garden Jacksonville, and Kirkwood Presbyterian Church.