Founding Members Include: Bob Hutchings, Bill Cheek, Austin Cockrell, Bob Newman

This is a partial list of I.B.M. Ring 130 members, both past and present. The list is sorted alphabetically by surname.

Also included: 2006 Darrell, Read, Carl, Robbie, Tammy and Chaz; 2009 Rachel (youth member); 2010 Ashleigh (junior member); 2011 Grady.

Past Members

Former members who are no longer with the Ring for one reason or another. Many have moved away, in some cases, to bigger and better things.

Dan Joubert

Ed Leto

Travis Marron

Bill Tighe

Shawn O’Brien

Terry Terrell

Ed McGowen

Jeff Hallberg

Kathy “Bill” Donovan

Cyndy Joubert

Faye Leto

Jay Spry

Jay Hagley

Roland Jarvis

Danny Smith

Bob Trunell

Jerry Buckner

Passed Members

Former members who have shuffled off this mortal coil.

Bob Hutchings +

Paul Cummins +

Ed Raube +

Barry Hinnant +

Andy Johnson +

Cary Fleming +

Conrad Smith

Vince Rettini

Charles Downs

George Prom

Golden Hutchings +

Scott Skjordahl +

Bob Schvey +

Robbie Hardy +

Mondo Henriques +

Jerry Wilson

John “Mr. Ballooney” Young

Wayne Fanton

Charles Bartlett

Joe McDonald

* Indicates current member in good standing.
** Indicates honorary lifetime membership.
+ Indicates the member has passed on.