Bill Wisch (October 2019 Lecture)

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

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WHEN: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.
WHERE: Wyndham Garden Jacksonville

Bill Wisch, full-time professional sleight-of-hand artist, and the only student ever authorized, in writing by Slydini to lecture his magic on his behalf presents his lecture…

“Slydini Inspiration”

Bill is the inventor of over 30 original sleights, winner of multiple awards in magic and is proud of the fact that at least 98% of the magic he does is of his own creation. He currently resides in Hackettstown, NJ and is the magic instructor-in-residence at Sparta Stage Theater in Sparta, NJ.

Bill Wisch Lecture Overview

I am delighted to present to you my newest lecture, “Bill Wisch – Slydini Inspiration”. This lecture is a natural follow-up to my original “Slydini- The Lecture” that I presented in 2012.

I will begin by performing and explaining what I call my “Killer” set. This is the set that I do whenever I want to ensure the audience is absolutely killed. These effects were chosen because they floor audiences and I believe they embody of the spirit of misdirection, wonder and fun that Slydini inspired in me throughout my 48-year career in magic.

Included in the Lecture

“I.C.A.A.N.” or “Impromptu Any-Card at Any-Number ” – This is Bill’s version of “ACAAN” and, to his knowledge, the only version that requires no gimmicked/set-up deck and no props besides a single, standard deck of cards.

“Slydini’s Helicopter Card – Stand-Up Version” – This is Bill’s stand-up version of the Slydini classic “Helicopter Card”. It embodies the spirit of the original effect while allowing the performer to do the effect stand-up.

“One Wonders” or “Bill’s Stand-Up One Coin Routine ” – This is Bill’s one coin routine which he has performed literally tens of thousands of times and was inspired by Slydini’s seated version.

“X Box” or “Ultimate Card in Box” – This effect showcases the Wisch Fold and its many uses. In this effect the spectator selects a card, signs it, the card is put back into the deck, the deck is put back into the box and the card folds itself inside the card box!

“Slydini Knotted Silk Routine” – I have chosen this routine because it was the first effect I wanted to learn. Slydini told me personally that I was his best student with the knots. I am honored to bring them to you. Bottom line…there will be a lot of Slydini Inspiration included in this lecture. I also will disclose Slydini’s actual ‘definition of true misdirection’, which has never been revealed.

Bill’s Creations

“Wisch-Craft Overhand Shuffle System”
“Wisch Wedge”
“The Invisible Die” an improvement on Claude Rix’s “Die of Destiny”
“The NEW Wisch-Craft Wonder Deck”
and more.

Bill Wisch Testimonials

“To my knowledge, Bill Wisch is the only Slydini student to conceptualize and internalize Slydini’s magic to fit their own style.” – Karl Fulves

“Bill, my friend – you put on one of the best lectures I have ever seen….and believe me I have seen sooooooo many !!!” – Mickey Silver

“Bill’s ‘Wisch Wedge’ as applied to an ‘Oil & Water” routine gives Rene’s routine a run for the money. If you get a chance, check out this lecture-session.” – Jon Racherbaumer (as posted on The Genii Forum)

“It was almost as if Tony Slydini’s hands had returned from the grave.” – “The FlashPaper” – Fort Worth, Texas – Magicians Club Newsletter May 2012.