Bill Wisch (November 2011 Lecture)

Bill Wisch presents “Slydini – The Lecture.”

The Definitive Syldini Experience

Ring member Alex Martinez performs before the lecture.
Bill Wisch is assisted by Laura Buss.
Ring President Dan Joubert is the perfect assistant for “The Flight of the Paper Balls.”

Included in the Lecture

Celebrate the magic, genius and humor of Tony Slydini. After 35 years, Slydini’s protégé, Bill Wisch, is commemorating his 74 city, Slydini book tour, presented to thousands of magicians from 1976 through 1979. This is a fully revised and updated, lecture/tribute that will show you the magic of Slydini as it should be performed and appreciated.

Featuring unknown  Slydini magic, including:

“Paper Balls to the Box” – The controversial ending finally explained and justified!

“The Chicago Loop Mystery” – This still completely fools as it did the Chicago magicians that saw it, and Slydini never told them how it worked! A great story with this!

“Flight of the Paper Balls” – The real secret!

“Paper Balls, Box and Wand” – A new stage/platform handling of the classic, Paper Balls to the Box!

“One Hand Unlink” – A ring technique like never before. Gives the famous Slydini Ring Routine a “melt-through” quality…rings totally examinable and you won’t believe it!

Plus:  rarely seen Slydini classics ( “Helicopter Card”, “Strolling, Slydini Knots Routine”, etc.)  – fascinating stories – secrets – lesson audio-clips – inspiring surprises…and much, much more!

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