Eric Stevens (January 2019 Lecture)

Thursday, January 17th, 2019 at 7:00 pm

HAMPTON INN at 4681 Lenoir Avenue S.

Eric Stevens is a multi-award-winning professional magician based out of Los Angeles, California. From visual card and coin work to stimulating performance theory, his highly-acclaimed lectures combine a classic style with modern thinking and smooth execution, providing an array of magical wonderments that are sure to make even the most skeptical audience member (magician OR layperson) stand up and take notice.


The One-Armed Man – 
My version of the classic 3-Card Monte effect with a surprising twist. Additional handlings are taught depending on whether or not the performer wishes to present it as magic or a demonstration of skill.

Lazybones/Hang ‘Em High – A Coins Across effect followed by a Hanging Coins/Coin on Shoulder routine. The importance of timing and audience cooperation are discussed.

Happenstance – A perfect example of presenting a commonly-neglected card magic prop in ways that are completely disarming yet incredibly effective for both laypeople AND magicians. Includes multiple phases, pseudo-cold reading and ways of handing out a business card without fear of being rejected.

Split-Second Marvel – Inspired by a Tom Stone effect, this is another example of taking an old prop and bringing it into the modern age. A card chosen using a freely-selected number on a spectator’s phone’s stopwatch matches a face-down card in a deck that has been set aside the entire time.

Tribloon – A fun routine where three Chinese coins are produced and manipulated in fun and interesting ways, vanishing completely at the end.

The Wall – A unique gimmick that allows the user to accurately predict almost anything the spectator can name – a color, shape, number, etc. Can also be utilized for a surprising penetration effect.

There is quite a bit more performance theory that is included in between these performances, including how to better connect with your audience and understanding the WHY of what you are doing, not just the HOW.


“I would unhesitatingly recommend Eric Stevens’ magic lecture to anyone who has a love for our performing art. I particularly like how Eric thinks about his magic and he has the special ability to convey his thoughts in a manner that is easy to follow and understand.” – Daryl

“Eric Stevens has all the qualities of a new star of magic. Pay attention to his talents; he is going places!” – Jeff McBride

“Eric displays all the creativity, magical skills, natural charm and theatrical experience necessary to become one of the greatest magicians of his generation.” – Jay Scott Berry