Martin Cox (February 2020 Lecture)

WHEN: Wednesday, February 5, 2020 — 6:30 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.

The Florida Ballet – Jacksonville
10131 Atlantic Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32225

Martin Cox has been a well-established Entertainer, Magician and Comedian for last 30 years and has performed extensively both in the UK and US. He has performed his Comedy act at the Blackpool Magic convention, The Magic Castle (USA) and is a regular performer at the Fechter’s Convention in the USA. He also has some TV performances under his belt which shows he is an all-round entertainer.

He will present his new lecture, which has been well-received at a number of magic clubs and conventions, called…

“Fistful of Magic”

In his lecture you will get to know what makes him tick and what makes his magic so entertaining. It is not just about the tricks. It’s about the person and the performance. You will learn his unique approach and some great new magic that you will be able to do immediately.

What’s In The Lecture?


Fechter’s Opener
How I meet My Wife
Two Card Tricks that are easy to do but will establish your character


What if
Was in your Pocket
More cards but fun to do
3 impossible card effects


Bent CoinMy
Three Girl Friends
‘I don’t do Coin Magic’ (but I do these two)

Rope and Stuff:

Ideas that will make you think
Some controls and a Book test with any book
The McClintock Twist


Two effects

And some info on working in restaurants on stage and stand-up and lots more

Curriculum Vitae

Awards are many and include The Rove Trophy and Alistair Wand from the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Edgar Crook Cup for close-up magic, and the Norman Green for Technical Merit, and the Billy McComb trophy. In 2003 he won the British Magical Championship of Comedy with his act ‘Cosmic’. He has performed many times at Fechter’s in New York which as earned Him the respect of his peers in magic. Martin has also appeared at Hollywood’s premiere private magic club, The Magic Castle. And is A Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star (MIMC) Martin Cox is one of a kind!


“Hilarious” – David Regal

“I was crying with laughter” – Dan Garrett

“Martin Cox lecture contains material that is adaptable. He has an edginess that works for adults and a soft side of his humor that works for families. In his lecture he works through pacing, comedic expression, and even some magic!” – James Ember

“By the time Martin had finished his lecture you felt that you knew him personally, and that I think is the sign of a successful performance, incidentally – and it is almost incidentally – his tricks were quite accomplished too. If you ever get a chance to see a Martin Cox lecture – or to see him perform, then don’t even think about it. Just go. I guarantee you won’t regret it.” – Paul Reason, President of the Fez Magic Club (U.K.)

More about Martin Cox.