Darryl Rose (January 2020 Lecture)

WHEN: Monday , January 6, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.
WHERE: Wyndham Garden Jacksonville

Darryl Rose, of London, England, an international award-winning magician with over thirty years of experience entertaining around the world, will be coming from “across the pond” to lecture at I.B.M. Ring 130. He will present his lecture called…

“What Do I Know?”

What does he know? He knows what makes an entertaining lecture. And he knows how to “Make Magic Memorable.”

Known as the “stars’ favourite magician,” he is the creator of highly-acclaimed effects such as Inflated Odds, and The Apprentice. These effects will be revealed, as well as his own card control, “The Rose Control,” and his newest effect “Cash or Credit.” He will also give hints and tips from his decades of experience.

Darryl performs over 200 shows a year, and in his lecture, he will show you strong but easy to do magic, and how you can easily adapt simple tricks to personalize them to each event.

Curriculum Vitae

He is a Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star and is Chairman of their club night committee. He books their lecturers and shows every week, so with this in mind Darryl has seen almost every lecture and performer, who at some time have passed through their society over the last 33 years.

Darryl has won the Magic Circle Foundation Challenge medal 3 times in a row, has the Order of Merlin from the IBM, and has a doctorate from FFFF society in New York. He has performed everywhere from The Sultan’s palace in Brunei to The London Palladium, and Monday Night Magic in NYC to The Chicago Magic Lounge.

Visit Darryl’s website at https://darrylrose.com/

Darryl Rose MIMC
Chairman of The Magic Circle Club Night Committee
Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star
Member of The British Ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians
Member of Equity

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