Alain Iannone (April 2020 Lecture) (Cancelled)

WHEN: Monday, April 20, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.


Alain Iannone presents his lecture, which includes far more than just new tricks – it blends proven ideas from a generation of successfully performing for real-world audiences…

“Magic For The Real Word”

Alain will deliver both practical advice and theoretical data on how magicians can make their magic more magical.

Alain will show and explain effects that can be used in “real life” situations, covering not just the mechanics but with performance tips that will have people remembering you long after your show is over.

For example, how to:

• Make yourself and your magic emotionally memorable.

• Effectively move between tables at a function.

• Amaze your audience in impromptu situations.

Curriculum Vitae

While you may not have heard of him before, audiences around the globe certainly have. Alain Ianonne has been a featured performer at major events throughout Europe for the last 20 years as well as in Hollywood’s famed Magic Castle. His work has been published worldwide in assorted magic magazines including Genii and a “One Man Parade” in The Linking Ring.


“I’ve had the opportunity to see Alain’s amazing sleight of hand talent over the past several years. He never fails to connect with his audience and he performs great magic with a soft touch. His charm, sense of humor, and amazing skill combine to create a truly unique magical experience. Don’t miss your opportunity to see Alain in person!” – Rick Merrill – FISM Champion

“Alain in one is a very good Italian magician who has been to 4F many times in the last 6 years and he speaks good English (even if he says his English is fair). His knowledge of magic is excellent and I would highly recommend him. – Obie O’Brien, Head Forker of F.F.F.F.

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