Ben Train – March 2020 Lecture

Ben Train

Train on Tricks
“…one of the most entertaining and informative lectures I have ever seen.” – Marc DeSouza, IBM and SAM champion of Close-Up and Stage Magic

Whether you do magic for hundreds of people or just for yourself, we are all looking for the same thing- powerful magic that’s fun to do. Using material from his critically acclaimed book, downloads, and numerous magazine contributions, Ben Train will help you discover strong magic that’s not just fun to watch, but fun to perform as well!

There’s something in the lecture for everyone- from material you’ll need to practice to tricks so easy you’ll be able to do them before you leave your seat. You’ll learn powerful card magic that happens in your audience’s hands, read three people’s minds with just a bag of candy, and instantly become the greatest card cheat of all time .

In addition to sharing a dozen new tricks Ben will also cover the theories behind the magic, including how to better connect with people in order to create interesting, meaningful routines, and how proper structure can make your magic better and your job easier.  So grab your cards, your seat, and get ready to train.

A Few Words about Ben Train

“Ben Train is the complete magician: technically sound, conversational in style, and creative in material selection.”

– Joshua Jay, award winning author and performer

Ben Train is an award winning magician and mentalist who has lectured and performed hundreds of shows across North America and Europe. Combining humor, psychology, and mind-blowing sleight of hand, Ben creates an experience that will have you gasping in disbelief. 

When he isn’t on stage Ben is busy behind the scenes, producing live shows as the founder of The Toronto Magic Company and leading workshops all over the world. Ben has written two books and produced two best-selling DVDs of original magic, including the 2015 hit A Series of Unfortunate Effects.

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