Ferràn Rizo and Nataly Machado (May 2020 Lecture) (Cancelled)

WHEN: Monday, May 4, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

“From Spain with Love”

Ferràn Rizo is a full time Spanish magic professional who has previously unveiled his magic secrets to the European community. He has lectured at the top Magic Circles in Spain and conventions such as SEI and CIMAPS. Ferràn and his wife Nataly are both teachers at the Juan Tamariz School. They have toured the UK several times in addition to several other venues across Europe with great success.

Ferràn Rizo

Ferràn has written and edited four books on his magic, and a fifth one about the magic of Penguin and Magic Castle lecturer Alberto de Figueiredo. He has just finished a new history book about the life and magic of Frakson. He is now writing his latest book that will be released at the USA tour. He has also written several Magic articles for Spanish Magazines.

With his wife Nataly, they have created several stage-shows that have been presented in Spain and other venues across Europe. They have developed their own retro style, that combine art, dance and magic. Together they have conceived a national convention in Spain. Ferràn has traveled to the most significant cities in Spain and across Europe with his close-up magic show hailed by audiences as elegant, classic and magical. He has a vast experience on TV with special appearances in several different TV shows. Ferràn and Nataly also have their own TV show called “Increíble pero Magia.”

Now, Ferràn is going to tour the USA with his latest magic and new inventions. This is a unique chance to enjoy and learn the classic and modern magic of Ferràn Rizo. There are secrets suitable for all skill levels of magician taken from his professional artistic shows.

What’s Included in the lecture?

This is a two-hour lecture, full of practical close-up magic with cards, coins, cups, a pad and a piece of paper. There is a bit of everything, and there is something for everyone at any skill level. The tricks presented in the lecture are taken from his own professional act, so it is practical magic at its very best, tried and tested over the years.

Some of the tricks will be performed by Nataly Machado. She is an all-round artiste that has studied theatre, music and dance and put all her skills at the service of magic. She has worked on stage and as a close-up magician and as a co-star in the TV show “Increíble pero Magia.” She has also lectured in the UK and at the Magic Castle. This is a unique lecture full of new and original ideas.

Decreasing Deck and Card-Case: This effect was a complete sell out success on Ferràn’s latest UK tour. He has now remanufactured it and improved the trick further. The magician clearly takes the cards from a card-case and at his command the complete deck shrinks into a mini deck. The transformation takes place in full view of the audience and at the end of the routine, the deck which has shrunk into a mini one, now its inside the mini card-case.

Naton: This trick will be revealed for first very time to US magicians. The magician writes a prediction onto a pad, and then the spectator takes a card. When the magician reveals the pad, it represents the face-down card, claiming that it is the chosen card. Then the magician makes a magic movement and draws a card, which becomes a real card, showing that it is the selected card. To finish, the magician places the card into the pad, this time face-up and it becomes a real drawing. The magician can then tear the page from the pad and hand to spectator as a souvenir.

The Three Powers: In this trick three coins clearly disappear from the magician’s hands and travel to inside an empty purse. At the end, when all the powers mix together, the magician makes the coins disappear from inside the purse and into the spectator’s hands. A very powerful trick for your audience.

My Cup: This is Ferràn Rizo’s version of a classic. It is his signature piece, that has amazed magicians from all over Europe. When you learn this routine, you will have a powerful and magical piece on your hands that will even fool magicians. Spectators and audiences will be able to clearly see all the movements but not how the trick is done. This routine also ends with an unexpected climax.

The Phoenix Paper: This is a Ferràn classic, performed in his professional shows. He takes a piece of paper, which was has handed to a spectator for inspection, tears it into small pieces and rolls them up into a ball. He then pierces the paper ball with a pin and sets the paper alight. In a flash, it is instantly shown to be restored into a complete piece of paper. The magician’s hands can be shown clearly empty until last moment. A fantastic and visually dramatic opener

The Storm: In this trick, you will be able to make your audience participate in a small miracle. Your spectators will become actors and extras in a theatre play. The first actor, represented by a card will be immersed in the vastness of the deck that represents the sea. Suddenly a storm will render the card in danger, but the magician will make it disappear and reappear inside a box that was shown to be empty at the beginning of the trick.

The Nature Box 2.0: This is a handmade wooden box that was created originally to perform the card to the box plot. But soon, Ferràn developed new ideas which let you perform several different tricks, magic with cards, coins, banknotes, keys and predictions. In his version of The Card to The Box plot, you will be able to show the box entirely empty at the beginning of the trick and make a real card appear inside. You will also learn several other different and magical effects


“Ferran & Nataly Rizo came highly recommended to me by Juan Tamariz and when I saw their lecture I could see why. They are a highly skilled and very likeable couple and have some wonderful routines and effects for members of all skill levels. I would recommend them for any club night!” – Steve Gore

“When writing this quote about Ferràn, two words manifested: Classy & Gentleman. Ferràn brings a gentle classiness to his appearance and you can feel it in his presentation of magic. Ferràn will fool you with his creations (keep an eye out for his magic with a simple card box!) and you will enjoy how effortless his performances appear!” – Jim Krenz

“If I only had one word to define Ferràn’s magic would be “elegance”. Elegance in his handling, in his tricks, in his mise-enscene, and the way in which he relates with his audience. Even his sense of humor is elegant. If we add to this, his rough experience and his first rate magic, we have a great magician from head to toe” – Alberto de Figueiredo, Magic Castle & Penguin Lecturer

“Ferràn is in love with magic, and of the masters of the past. His magic culture is based on a wide knowledge of the classic magic effects, its style, its essence, its techniques and its aesthetic. Every time I see Ferràn, perform magic I cannot help thinking that he is the result of a visceral passion for the ne magic of the great magicians of the past, the result of his natural owns talents and a vast experience as a performer. So, we must celebrate that he decided to share his magic secrets with the magic community. Madame et Monsieur… Ferràn Rizo” – Ricardo Rodriguez, Spanish Magician Teacher of Tamariz School

“The Rizo duo, the husband and wife team of Ferràn and Nataly, love their magic, as anyone watching their lecture could tell. They never stopped smiling and laughing as they showed off some clever variations of classics, their own card-to-box and some easy to make gimmicks. It would be hard not to like them. Ferràn is an elegant performer and has given thought to his own development of effects. Ferràn is an expert manipulator and it looked a treat… The lecture is just to watch and admire.” –Charlie Burgess Magic Circle Columnist

Bonus Content

Below are links to several episodes of “Increíble pero Magia,” (Amazing but Magic) the great Spanish television show starring Ferràn, Nataly, and many other great magicians. These shows range from Monday, November 12th, 2018 through Monday, February 4th, 2019. Enjoy!

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