Chris Philpott (June 2020 Lecture) (Cancelled)

Chris Philpott

Chris has created and scripted effects for many of the world’s greatest magicians including Derren Brown, Cyril Takayama, two America’s Got Talent finalists and two shows for The Illusionists. 

Chris’s effects are in the repertoire of thousands of magicians and have been translated into dozens of languages. He is best known as the creator of The 100th Monkey (“The best trick!” –Lior Manor, “A brand new principle! Chris’ routines are brilliant!” –David Penn.) The YouTube video of David and Leeman performing it on AGT has 15 million views.  Penn Gillette called his “End of my Rope” “A great trick! A great trick!” 

In 2018, Chris wrote and directed an acclaimed show for Mike Elizalde (“Run, don’t walk, to the Castle to see Mike Elizalde in the Close-Up Room. It’s a theatrical marvel!” – Jim Steinmeyer, Magic Castle president.  “The best event in the Close-up Gallery I’ve seen in 55 years!” – Joan Lawton, Magic Castle Board Member.)

Chris is also is an award-winning feature film and television writer and director.  Academy-Award nominated writer-director Ron Shelton (Bull Durham) called him “a talent of the first order.”  Chris has written for Lionsgate studios, and Syfy, TNT, IFC and CBC networks. 

Lecture Overview:

Chris will be lecturing on mentalism, card magic and how to make effects you do now more meaningful, personal and powerful. Chris will use his years of training as a screenwriter to point out common scripting mistakes magicians make, as well as demonstrating the way to give your magic more impact.  He will teach easy-to-do effects that pack a major punch.  He will also touch on magic theory, but in a way that will give you practical tools to improve your magic.

Effects in the Lecture:

“A Meaningful Coincidence”: a spectator’s free selection of four cards at first seems random, but reveals a pattern that locates the four aces in the deck.

“Unhypnotized”: The performer invites someone on stage to be hypnotized, only to discover that they are already hypnotized by years of exposure to advertising!  The performer then brings them out of their trance, with miraculous, empowering results.

“One More Chance”: Chris’s variation on Paul Green’s variation of Monte Smith’s variation of some old forgotten trick.  Turning classic card magic on its head, the effect is all about the importance of picking the card, with inevitable results.

“Spellcaster”: The cleanest spelling trick ever.  A spectator merely thinks of a card, then without the magician touching the deck, the spectator cuts the deck several times and then spells out the name of their card – their card appears on the last letter dealt! “Chris has combined some brilliant ideas to create, in my mind, one of the most direct and hands-off versions of the spelling effect. It’s going straight into my multiple selection routine!” -Bill Abbott

“Neijing”: The performer uses an ancient Chinese martial art to harness a spectator’s own power to move an object without touching it. 

“Photo of the kids”: a spectator is able to describe a photo of the magician’s children in detail BEFORE they see it!

“Intuition”: one audience member thinks of a card, and another finds it the old fashioned way – by dowsing!”

“Emotional Reaction”: Chris’s variation on a Dai Vernon effect, which adds a powerful emotional punch to an already great method.  “Just performed Emotional Reaction on my partner, who is having a bit of a tough time at the moment, blew her away, the tears are still coming.  If I never perform another magic trick in my life, I will die a happy man.” – Gary Plumridge.


When Dan Harlan (host of the Penguin lectures) was asked “On the topic of lectures, what’s been your most memorable moment?” Dan answered, “Chris Philpott. He brought the most dramatic presentations, things where you really cared about what was going on. Really, really smart thinking.”

“I must have hosted about 100 different lectures; some of the biggest names in the magic world.  I can honestly say that Chris Philpott’s lecture was one of the most enjoyable we have had. His lecture had good solid effects that attendees can use. Plus he filled the attendee’s minds with countless concepts/theories that are seldom mentioned.  His lecture seemed… well, like a fun lecture one might take in at college; that is, he got us all thinking about our magic.  And on top of that he has a warm, fun personality. Looking forward to his next tour through Canada!”

-Jeff Pinsky, owner of The Browser’s Den of Magic, Toronto.

“Chris is a freaking genius!” –Matt Johnson

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